Jeroen - 10 dní ve tmě (ten days in darkness)


Review of my 10 days Darkness Therapy First of all thank you for your care during my stay and for sharing some very interesting insights in spirituality. Those 10 days were a revelation to me, in which some of my personal views of life have changed. The decision to go through this darkness retreat was made mainly due to the fact that during the past 5 years, I have difficulties to sleep and I face a continuous lack of energy. 10 years ago my partner bought the Holger Kalweit book, but only this year we decided to do something with it. My insights in the spiritual world were quiet basic when I entered the room, but during those experiences I opened up myself for this new dimension. My view on life changed and motivated me to live more with my heart, focussing on the present. 

 Some of my experiences in darkness : 

1. After some days in darkness, I felt that I was still sitting there without emotions. Therefore, I wanted to provoke some of my deepest emotions, while talking to myself (evoking sad moments of my life), without any impact. On day 5 I decided to talk to my heart and immediate answers followed, without any involvement of the mind. This was the first time in my life, I really listened and had a chat with my heart. I had the feeling my heart chakra and emotions finally opened up. 

2. During the stay I experienced a lot of symbolic dreams. In one dream I had a fight with a (my?) shadow - one week later, I still have a physical scarve on my belly as I was scratching myself during that dream. During the last nights I experienced 2 lucid dreams (those were the first lucid dreams in my life). 

 3. The landscape inside : as of day 3, I felt like living in a cave, with a moon landscape surrounding me. I was able to see my soul light (assumption), some light coloured energies, my own shadow and my own grey aura. Strange to realize I was just sitting in a dark caravan, able to see this spiritual dimension. One evening, I noticed a group of 60 unknown people around me (partly naked, but nothing sensual). I was able to count them and noticed 3 groups of 20 people, sitting in a circle at the beach. Children, families and older people were chatting with each other. Approximately for 2 hours this image stayed, afterwards this illusion disappeared. 

4. During the first days I was experimenting during meditation, mainly experiments which could support me to open/activate my chakras. Once it occured, I started to breath fast, unintentionally and without having any control on it. Once, while imagining a serpent going through my body, I noticed fast turning circles, which were half a meter above me. 

5. On Day 9 I had an emotional Heureka moment, which defined my 10 focuspoints in my life. Looking back to those point, darkness created them inside of me in a nice structures way. Summarizing : those 10 days were a great experience that I will definately repeat in some year(s). It gave me new insights for myself... and I have the feeling this was the first step to take to regain energy and rebuild my life. Also I look differently to death itself. Before I was somehow afraid of death, now I know our life is so magnificant and has different dimensions prepared for us. 

Again thank you Petr, for having supported me in my spiritual growth.Good luck with your personal journey and the guidance of many more retreats. Best regards from my heart.